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Hardware store not liable for injuries sustained by patron during robbery

(CHIN -v- DAYMASTER PTY LTD [2018] WADC 80) On Tuesday, 28 December 2010, shortly after closing time at the Home Hardware & Plumbing store (store), the plaintiff (Ms Chin), was assaulted in an attempted armed robbery of by three men, including the second defendant (Mr Hall). The store was owned and operated by the first…

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Worker not entitled to vehicle running expenses and accommodation

(BRIGGS -v- WACHS – PILBARA (HEDLAND HEALTH CAMPUS) [2018] WADC 73) The Hedland Health Campus employed Mr David Briggs (Mr Briggs) as a Registered Nurse. In March 2016, Mr Briggs was assaulted at work as a result of which he suffered an injury to his left shoulder. The employer accepted liability. In February 2017 Mr…

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Victim of a violent assault prevails with further compensation on appeal.

ROBERTSON V HOPWOOD [2018] WADC 66 It is uncontentious that on the day of the incident, the respondent (Mr Hopwood) was at the Inglewood Hotel watching a rugby match from about 6.00 pm and that the appellant (Mr Robertson) was also there. It is also uncontentious that the Mr Hopwood had known the offender for…

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Duty of care after explosion

BAKER -v- LOCK [2018] WADC 48 The plaintiff, Mr Jesse Baker (Mr Baker) visited Mr Robert Lock (Robert) at his residence (premises) to discuss and pay for repairs that Robert had agreed to make to Mr Baker’s motorcycle. Whilst the two men and another man, were seated in a rear shed at the premises, Robert…

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After Dark Stroll Turns Deadly

ROWE -v- ROSE [2018] WADC 38 At approximately 10.00 pm on 20 May 2013, the Defendant drove her motor vehicle from her home and turned into Preston Point Road, Bicton, driving in an easterly direction. Her motor vehicle struck Mr Prime on the roadway as he was walking his dog. There were no eyewitnesses. Mr…

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A Horrible Act Sees Compensation Awarded to Victim

RE HCM [2018] WADC 20 HCM was born on 2 May 1983 in Vienna, Austria. She is now 34 years old. She was born to SH and a man whose name is not known. He played no part in her life. Not long after the birth SH emigrated to Australia with HCM and settled in…

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Applicant’s Award Lowered on Appeal

(Underwood v Underwood [2018] WADC 13) On the 1st of December 2015, an argument took place at a residence in Safety Bay, during which the appellant slapped the respondent across the face once with an open palm and also kicked her left leg once. The respondent sustained bruising and swelling to the left side of…

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A Major Win After a Tough Few Years

MAJOK v KORYIOM [2017] WADC 157 The appellant, who is now 27 years old, was seriously assaulted by the respondent on 13 April 2013. The respondent was convicted after trial, on 6 May 2014, of the offence of doing grievous bodily harm (the offence). On 23 June 2014 the respondent was sentenced for the offence…

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A Few Quiet Drinks Turns into a Life Changing Situation

RE PIGGOTT [2017] WADC 150 Mr Piggott and Mr Benjamin Browne were involved in an incident at Mr Browne’s residence. During the incident Mr Browne struck Mr Piggott and Mr Piggott sustained grievous bodily harm. At the time there were four adults at the residence. Mr Browne’s wife, Mrs Taryn Browne, says she was inside.…

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